Board and Train Programs


Our dog training Board and Train programs also known as Doggy Boot Camp can be done in a 1 week (if your dog qualifies for this program), 10 day, or 2 week period. During the board and train your dog will stay with us and will learn basic obedience such as sit, down, stay, no more barking command ‘Quiet’, advance dog training such as walking next to you on a leash, no more pulling on a leash, ‘Place board’ for mental exercise and stimulation, off leash freedom and recall, doggy manners which include:

  • No more jumping on people or family members
  • No charging the front door
  • No more counter surfing or stealing household items
  • And much more!

Your dog will also continue dog socialization with our stable pack of dogs to help your dog learn a calm state of mind. Our training is also taught under heavy distractions for everyday situations that you would typically encounter.

  • Seeing people
  • Seeing other dogs
  • Passing children on bikes, skateboards, and rollerblades
  • Walking past homes with dogs behind fences
  • Barking dogs

During our training process we do start with basic obedience even if your dog already knows how to sit, down, or stay. We do this so as we progress in the training the dog has a solid foundation of skills. Also, it’s not fair to the dog if we expect advance work if he or she hasn’t mastered the basics first. Many times dogs have practiced exercising choosing when to listen to us.

  • Does your dog only ‘Sit’ for a treat?
  • Do you have to tell your dog to do something more than once?
  • Is your dog deciding when he or she wants to do something?

We believe that it’s very important for a lot of time to be dedicated to distraction especially so the dog does not react to what’s going on around us or pull on a leash, but rather to stay focused and in a heeling position.

Also, in all of the training programs we focus on the dogs behavior problems. During your FREE EVALUATION, we discuss any concerns or issues you may be experiencing with your dog. That way we can get to any underlining issues that can be causing further problems.


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 Wondering how the dog will listen to you after the training?

All of our Board and Train programs come with a turn-over dog training session, which is on the day that you come to pick up your dog. Our turn-over session generally last between 1-3 hours. The turn over is where you learn everything that your dog has just learned.

“It’s great that I can get your dog to listen to me…however, its much more important to get the dog to listen to the owner. “

-Megan Wallace (MDA Dog Trainer)