How To Raise The Perfect Puppy

Raise The Perfect Puppy

How To Raise a Puppy

If you are considering bringing a puppy into your home, or you already have, you no doubt have high hopes for your canine companion.  You may imagine yourself playing ball with him in the park off leash, or maybe jogging side by side while you wave hello to all your neighbors.  To get to the perfect dog, though, you must first construct the perfect puppy!

As a new or prospective owner, doing your own extensive research into how to raise a happy dog should be your first priority.  When learning all you can about training, do not be distracted by the old, harsh ways of training.  Using any kind of punishment on your puppy will only serve to make him fearful of you. This will not help in building your bond to create a lifelong trusting friendship. Instead, seek information on progressive, positive training. Preventing accidents and unwanted behavior is far easier and more reliable than training bad habits out of dogs.  Always teach your dog what you want him to do instead of what you don’t want him to do.

Before your puppy steps foot into the door, you should already have a few essential tools that will help you help him become a good little canine citizen. A puppy playpen will keep him safe and confined during the times you cannot watch him. A crate for him to be confined in a sleep safely is a great way to help him feel secure and prevents nightly accidents. Choose an area in your yard, or a litter box or potty pad where you will expect your puppy to do his business as an adult.  You should also have a properly fitted harness and a six foot leash ready to go.

Training your puppy starts the very first day you bring him into your home.  Integrating him into your human pack will require showing him that every member of the house is above him in the pecking order. This means everyone in your home should be included in his beginning obedience and potty training.  By having even your youngest child give praise to a puppy who just pooped in the correct spot will encourage your dog to respect and accept the guidance each human holds for him.

Set boundaries for your puppy to respect. Do not let him wander the house freely until he is fully house trained. Even as an adult, it is acceptable for a dog to know that certain rooms they are not welcomed in. Many owners will make the kitchen or dining room off limits to the four legged family members.  Setting up a baby gate or blockade in the doorway of these rooms is a start in puppy hood.

Start leash training immediately! You can seek out a professional dog trainer, attend classes, or learn to train on your own. Either way, your puppy should learn that the leash is a tool to use for communication, not to play tug with!  Your puppy should learn to walk beside you and follow you on leash, not walk in front or ignore you.

By starting training early, you will build a confident and trusting relationship with your furry friend. When starting a foundation of good habits, keep in mind that praise and reward is what your dog is truly after. If you can provide that for him and show him how to get it (through performing wanted behaviors) you will for sure have the perfect puppy!

If you have any additional questions on your dog, or feel that you may need additional help with dog training please contact us to discuss your dog training needs.