Puppy Potty Training With Bells

Potty Training Your Puppy To Ring Bells

In the nine years that I have been training dogs, I have found it very useful and beneficial to teach my own puppies and my training dogs how to ring the bell on the door when they need to go outside. These gives the dog a very clear way of letting us know when they need to go out and go potty. Follow the steps below to teach your dog how to ring the bell on the door.

Things You Will Need:

  • Potty Bells (about 2 feet long)
  • Soft Chewy Dog Treats

First, begin by looping the potty bells over the door handle that you will be taking your dog of. Be sure that this is the door that you will always use in the beginning of the potty training stages

Next, begin getting your puppy comfortable with these bells by holding a treat in front of them so they can accidently bump into the bells with their nose, body, paw, etc. Once they knock the bell (on accident or on purpose) reward with the treat and a “Good Boy/Girl”. Repeat this step every time you bring out these doors for the first 1-2 days.

*Do not wait to do this if your dog urgently needs to go potty – we do not want to cause an accident in the house*

Once your dog is becoming more comfortable with the dog training potty bells, then you can gradually just point to the bells and say ‘Lets go Potty’ once your dog automatically hits the bell, you open the door immediately to go potty. This now becomes their reward instead of always needing a treat to do this.

Remember to stay patient with your puppy during the potty training stages. Every dog learns at a different pace. If you feel that you may need additional help with potty training your dog, feel free to contact us to discuss our Puppy Camp for your dog.